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Deck Painting with Acryfin in Malvern, PA

This deck was is tough shape, but not so bad that Rhino Shield couldn't bring it back to like new condition with our Acrylic Polymer deck paint.  Our deck painters repair and prepped the deck and apply a deck coating guaranteed for 10 years.

Cedar Siding Painted with Rhino Shield in Spring City

Cedar siding presents a particular challenge to home painters.  It often warps and cracks and can need extensive repairs.  This Spring City, PA home was in good shape because the customer had been staining it every few years.  Now they will never have to paint again because they choose Rhino Shield house painters to do the job.

Stucco House Gets Painted with our Ceramic Coating in Newtown Square, PA

This beautiful home in Newtown Square, PA needed repair to the aging stucco and a fresh coat of permanent Rhino Shield paint. We applied 3 coats of our Elastomeric-Ceramic top coat.  The ceramics give our coating the wear characteristics of ceramic, and the elastomeric ensure the coating does not dry brittle like regular paint which leads to cracking and peeling.

Stucco Sealed with Rhino Shield Primer in Newtown Square, PA

We applied a coat of our exclusive bonding primer.  Unlike ordinary primers that only aid in paint coverage, the Rhino Shield Adhesive Primer seals the stucco.  It also serves to adhere the topcoat to the surface we are painting. 

Classic Phoenixville House Painted in Bold Colors

This customer has an eye for color, and the good sense to pick Rhino Shield Permanent house painters for their project.  The color choices dramatically changed this house and they say that it now stops traffic with people trying to get a good look.  They certainly did their part it picking an outstanding color pallet.  Rhino Shield Painting contractors were glad to be trusted with the application.

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