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Valley Coatings, LLC Case Studies: Rhino Shield Applied on a Stucco House in Newtown Square, PA

Friday, November 9th, 2018 by Jon Gilge


James came to us with a beautiful home in Newtown Square, PA that needed repair to the aging stucco and a fresh coat of permanent Rhino Shield paint.


We started by completely rebuilding the stucco on the upper half of the chimney.  Soot from the chimney had coated the top of the chimney and washed down leaving unsightly stains.  The soot also had degraded the stucco leaving it susceptible to water infiltration.  After the chimney was repaired, the Rhino Shield installation team, lead by Alex, expertly repaired all the cracks in the stucco.  We don't just caulk the cracks, we actually use stucco to repair them.

Once the repairs were done, the team applied a coat of our exclusive bonding primer.  Unlike ordinary primers that only aid in paint coverage, the Rhino Shield Adhesive Primer seals the stucco.  It also serves to adhere the top coat to the surface we are painting. 

Next, we applied 3 coats of our Elastomeric-Ceramic top coat.  The ceramics give our coating the wear characteristics of ceramic, and the elastomeric ensure the coating does not dry brittle like regular paint which leads to cracking and peeling.

After cleaning up, we left the customer with a 50-year warranty so you know they'll never have to paint again!

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