Frequently Asked Questions About Rhino Shield


Q: Does Rhino Shield ceramic coating work?

While the paint industry has convinced customers paint can last 5 to 7 years, it is not engineered that way. Rhino Shield ceramic coating works because, while it looks as good as paint, it is designed to be 8-times thicker, wears like ceramic and will last years and years. When installed by our expert painters, they maximize the life of your ceramic coating and ensure your home's beauty.

Q: What colors does Rhino Shield ceramic coating come in?

Just like regular paint, our ceramic coating comes in a very wide range of colors. If our selection leaves you dissatisfied, then tell us what you had in mind and we can create a unique custom color, just for you.

Q: Does Rhino Shield breathe?

Absolutely, because our ceramic coating allows moisture from the inside of your home to pass through and is approved by the ASTM as a properly permeable house coating.

Q: Can Rhino Shield coat stucco?

When stucco is not properly sealed, water gets behind the surface. The resulting damage can be major, and very costly to repair. Rhino Shield's exclusive Adhesive Primer Sealer coats the entire surface of the stucco, sealing up all the areas where water can get in. Our elastomer ceramic top coat is 5 times thicker than paint. Our coating also has the wear properties of ceramic, so it protects your stucco for years to come. Rhino Shield is the top choice for stucco paint by stucco restoration experts across the country.

Our exclusive ceramic coating can also work for a variety of other surfaces commonly used on residential homes, such as brick, block, vinyl, and metal.


Q: How much does Rhino Shield cost?

Call and schedule a free home assessment and one of our skilled representatives can give you a price quote and guidance. Usually, professional painters charge $2.25 per square foot, while things like the window trim as well as the height and build of your house can cost extra. On average, a Rhino Shield ceramic coating costs more than regular latex paints, but you won't have to replace chipping, peeling and cracking paint for 25 years, which will ultimately save you significantly.

Q: How much can a ceramic coating and paint alternative from Rhino Shield save me?

While Rhino Shield is more expensive than traditional paint, it will last as long as five regular paint jobs. Some more reasons why it costs more is because:

  • Rhino shield is 5 to 6 times thicker
  • Rhino shield does not use traditional fillers
  • Rhino Shield is designed to be durable
  • Rhino Shield is applied over a primer/sealer

For these reasons and more, our ceramic coating and paint alternative is guaranteed for 25 years and will have you ultimately spending less on painters and enjoying life more.


Q: Do you replace rotten wood?

For Rhino Shield's ceramic coating to be guaranteed for 25 years, proper ceramic coating application is necessary. It's important that it's applied to an acceptable surface. We repair or patch rotten wood to ensure that our coating will last for years to come. 

Judging how much rotten wood may need to be replaced can be hard to determine. So our installers will pressure wash the exterior of your home and bill you at the standard rate for the wood that needs to be replaced.

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