Best Painting Prices in PA

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017 by Rhino Shield

Are you looking for the best painting prices in PA?

We work hard for our money. When it comes to painting we want to find the best price. It just makes sense.

But what really are the best painting prices in PA?

We can look at that a few different ways. One way is to say that the best painting prices in PA are from the company that gives us the absolute lowest price for a single job. The problem with that method is that there is always someone willing to cut another corner to be the lowest price. There are 100 ways to shortcut on materials and probably 100 ways to shortcut the labor. Each shortcut compromises the quality of the job and the longevity of the paint.

Does this method really give us the best painting price?

That's up to you. However many people like to look at the best painting prices as the lowest cost of painting a home over time. What they consider is the total cost of maintaining paint on their home for as long as they will own it. With this method, the total money spent over that time is the criteria for calculating the best painting prices.

Examples of Calculating the Best Painting Prices in PA

Method 1:

Bob's painting will do the job for $3,000, while everyone else is charging $4,500.

How does he do that?

He buys cheap paint, waters it down a little, and cuts out the prep work. He doesn't use a primer, paints over questionable wood, has no insurance, invests no money to keep his business going and is happy making $10 per hour.

He's the cheapest price by far but the job doesn't look good and will probably last 3-4 years. His price will be about the same when it needs to be redone again, and again, and again. Painting every 3-4 years means that you'll paint today, in year 4, in year eight, in year 12, 16, 20, and 24. The total cost will be $21,000.

It was the cheapest price, but is he the lowest cost?

Method 2

One of those other painters who was asking $4,500 does the best job he can with the materials available to him. He preps and primes, uses good paint, replaces rotten wood. He is also insured and is investing in the future of his business. And while he does a good job, the limitations of regular paint means his paint job lasts about 7 years. So you have to paint now, in year 7, in year 14, and 21. The total cost will be $18,000.

Paying a little more for good products and good workmanship saved you money.

Why Rhino Shield has the Best Painting Prices in PA

A Rhino Shield Paint job is guaranteed for 25 years. This means that while you are painting again and again with regular paint, with Rhino Shield your investment is already made. The cheapest option we've looked at so far, hiring a good regular painter, would cost you $18,000 to keep your house painted for 25 years. With Rhino Shield that cost would be around $10,000 or the cost of two good paint jobs.

That way our customers say, Rhino Shield has the best painting prices in PA.

If Rhino Shield sounds like an option you'd like to know more about, give us a call at 1-717-638-4100 or click to get a free estimate today.

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