Permanent House Paint- Why the Paint Industry Hates it

Why the Painting Industry Hates Permanent House Paint.

Permanent House Paint is disliked by the painting industry for one main reason. They are accustomed to people having to buy their product every few years. Any product that disrupts their industry by providing a permanent alternative is a threat.

Think of it this way: If you were a restaurant and people only needed to eat once you'd be out of business. If you sold tires that lasted forever after you sold everyone tires you'd have nothing left to sell. That is why the paint industry has so many bad things to say about permanent house paint.

The truth is, the technology behind permanent house paint is not a mystery. The big three paint companies have known about it for years and could have produced a permanent exterior paint or at least one that lasts longer than current products. Latex paint is incredibly cheap to produce especially the fillers that they use to give the paint thickness. The fillers are made of chalk, talc, or clay. All three are organic, fragile and susceptible to wear but continue to be used as the structural additives in paint.

Are better solids available?

Yes they are. Rhino Shield uses ceramics which don't break down and give the paint the wear characteristics of ceramic. If you put something into paint that you know will cause it to fail in a short period of time when better additives are available who are you really helping? By convincing homeowners that paint can only last 5-7 years they are helping only themselves.

So the paint industry continues to change the names on the label and put marketing dollars behind new lines but the ingredient list doesn't lie. Latex, chalk and water is what it really is. And what about those great sounding warranties on the can? Ask yourself if you've ever know anyone who ever got their paint replaced under warranty.

Why Exterior Painters Don't Like Permanent House Paint

If a tire shop provides good service, you go back to them in 75,000 miles for a new set. If a painter does a good job painting your house you call them again in 5 years to paint it again. However, if that painter uses a permanent paint he has no repeat customers and has to go find new customers rather than sell to the same people over and over again.

This takes more time and money and they don't like it.

I've never met a painter that had anything good to say about permanent house paint. Not because it isn't good for the homeowner, but because it isn't good for them.

How Does Permanent House Paint Work?

Permanent house paint was created by going back to the drawing board and using the best in modern materials to design a product that could provide real protection and value. It started with the vehicle. Traditional paint uses what they call latex, but it really isn't. Latex gives the impression of a durable flexible coating but is really just a plastic that bonds to itself once the water has evaporated. (Water makes up about 70% of latex paint.) The plastics bond in the absence of water and are weakened when exposed to water after drying. At 1-1.5 mils thick, just a little thicker than Saran Wrap, it provides almost no protection of the wood.

Permanent paint starts with a lot less water (20% by volume) and an elastomeric resin vehicle. This resin was specifically designed to be waterproof. It does not become brittle like latex and provides a waterproof barrier that protects the wood underneath. It also can be applied at thicknesses 5-6 times that of regular paint.

The second part of permanent exterior paint is the body. While latex paint uses chalk, talc or clay that wears away quickly, Rhino Shield permanent exterior paint uses Ceramics. These tiny ceramic spheres do not break down and make the paint wear like ceramic. Because they are hollow they also insulate the home because they don't allow for direct heat transfer. And what's more, they are naturally reflective of ultraviolet light that fades and weathers paint.

Why Home Owners Love it

If we take a look at the tire shop example from the perspective of the customer we start to see the benefits. If tires lasted forever, buying a set one time would be very convenient and economical, not to mention consistently safer. Permanent exterior paint provides the same benefits. Instead of worrying about having to paint every five or six years, permanent exterior paint customers never have that worry. They pay twice the cost of a professional paint job one time and get a product guaranteed to last as long as five or six paint jobs. Not only does this save them money, it also eliminates the years in between paint jobs where if just doesn't look good. Also, because permanent exterior paint truly protects the wood, it prevents the eventual rot and replacement cost of the wood.

Our customers tell us it was one of the best investments they ever made in their home. 

If a permanent exterior paint like Rhino Shield sounds like an option you'd like to know more about, give us a call at 1-855-826-0330 or click on get a free estimate at the top of the page or in the sidebar.

You'll be glad you did.

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