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Everyone wants the best painters

Everyone is looking for the best painter. A company that offers quality products at a fair price with excellent customer service. Although there are many ways that people try to qualify the best painters, 80% of people who paint their home don't use the same painter the next time.

Rhino Shield sought to change that and now has the reputation as the country's premier home painter. With a network of some of the best painters that you will find anywhere their track record of providing an exceptional experience is outstanding. Their quality of workmanship, along with being the only home painter to offer an elastomeric-ceramic house paint guaranteed for 25 years, has earned them the reputation of being the go-to company for customers who want to paint one last time.

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Rhino Shield named dealer of the year

Rhino Shield Named Dealer of the Year

The ownership group behind Rhino Shield of Western PA and New Jersey was named dealer of the year. This is the third time they received this prestigious award. The annual competition is based on many factors: how many customers are served, the quality of the work, reputation, and customer service.

Jon Gilge, one of the owners in PA, said it is an honor to be a part of winning this award. To me, winning it means that we can proudly say we are the best painters around.

More about Rhino Shield

While the cost of painting adds up over time, Rhino Shield is a one time expense. That is because it is a permanent house paint guaranteed for 25 years. Because Rhino Shield is not paint, but an elastomeric-ceramic coating it lasts much longer than any paint. Since you are only painting one time you don't have to pay for paint over and over again. Therefore, by investing a little more upfront, around the cost of 2 to 2.5 paint jobs, you get an exterior coating that lasts as long as 5 regular paint jobs. The savings are excellent. Unlike regular paint that looks good for the first few years, Rhino Shield delivers a beautiful appearance year after year. So you save money and always have a home that looks just like you want it to.

Also, Rhino Shield is truly waterproof. Unlike regular paint that is less than the thickness of cellophane, Rhino Shield is 6 times as thicker. Because of the thickness and the ceramic microspheres, it insulates your home. This makes your home more comfortable and cheaper to heat and cool. Most importantly, you can stop painting your house all the time and spend more time enjoying the way it looks.

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