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A+++++++. What more can I say? Great work, Great product.
Teddy H. of Washington, DC
Tuesday, July 9th
After many years of falling behind on the exterior maintenance of our building we knew it was time to paint it.  This time I decided to look for a more permanent painting solution.  I wanted something that I wouldn't have to do on a recurring basis so we could be done with painting and be able to concentrate on other priorities.  I found Rhino Shield and knew it was what I was looking for.  The service and installation was great and now I am confident that I have a permanent exterior.
Athelas A. of Columbia, MD
Friday, June 28th
It looks awesome!  Just awesome!!!  Couldn't be happier with how it looks.
Jeff O. of Gettysburg, PA
Saturday, June 16th
Rhino Shield is an excellent company to do business with.  The finished job looked so fantastic. I am so excited to never have to paint again. When there was some tape residue left on the fascia, the company completely replaced the fascia.  They said they wanted to be sure everything was perfect, and until it was they weren't finished.  Thanks Rhino Shield for a job well done.
Joe P. of Carlisle, PA
Monday, June 5th
After having a window well wash out because of overflowing gutters I knew I had to do something.  After looking at 5 or 6 different types of gutter guards I chose Rhino Shield and I'm glad I did.  They've worked flawlessly since day one and now I have one less thing to worry about.  Interesting that many of the other companies I talked to told me that installing gutters guards under the shingles would void the shingle warranty.  The Master Shield rep showed me letters from all the major shingle manufacturers that said it didn't.  They were lying to me, Master Shield didn't and I'm glad I chose them.
Jerry R. of Mechanicsburg, PA
Thursday, April 19th
Last night I slept soundly because I had zero worries about overflowing gutters, water in my basement, or rain filling up my window wells. Thank you, Jon and the Master Shield team! I highly recommend investing in your home this way!
Leslie V. of Mechanicsburg, PA
Tuesday, July 24th
What a pleasant experience to deal with a truly professional company.  Rhino Shield is like no paint company I've ever dealt with and I've dealt with a lot of them over the years.  An excellent job and they really stand behind their work.  I was so tired of painting my house and now I couldn't be happier to Never Paint Again.
Donald F. of Mechanicsburg, PA
Tuesday, July 24th
After too many years of not painting often enough, my house was in bad shape.  The last paint job only lasted 4 years and I didn't want to have to keep painting all the time. I trusted Rhino Shield with the house that has been in my family since the 1960's.  They expertly repaired and restored the wood and then applied the last paint job it will ever need.  Their work was professional and neat and now the house looks great.  Never Paint Your House Again... Call Rhino Shield.
Marcy P. of Camp Hill, PA
Wednesday, October 4th
What an amazing transformation.  As soon as i heard of Rhino Shield I knew it was what I wanted for my home because regular paint doesn't work well on Vinyl.  I also didn't want to replace the vinyl with something more expensive.  Rhino Shield house paint was the perfect solution.  The installation was great.  When you consider how long it is guaranteed, you can't afford not to use Rhino Shield over regular paint.
Richard W. of Middletown, PA
Thursday, June 27th
When I tried to save some money and go with cheap gutter guards I cost myself thousands of dollars when the overflowing gutters cause a window well to wash out and the water got in my basement ruining my hardwood floor.  I wish I would have chosen Master Shield the first.  Now I have and feel that my home is protected.
John G. of Lemoyne, PA
Tuesday, July 10th
I've never seen such attention to detail from a painter.  What a product, what a company.  I can't recommend them enough
Pete M. of McHenry, PA
Thursday, June 27th
I had been cleaning out my gutters for years because everyone I knew that had gutter guards said they didn't work.  As I'm not getting any younger, and climbing ladders is no longer safe, I decided to try out Master Shield because the seemed to have a better design. I was skeptical that any gutter guards could be this good.  I was wrong and Master Shield was right.  They have been exceptional.  Now I stay safe on the ground and my gutters stay clean.
Wednesday, August 9th
I am VERY please with the work Rhino Shield did for me!
Mary C. of Malvern, PA
Tuesday, July 24th
The installer, Alex, did an amazing job.  I couldn't believe how much he got done and the quality of his work.  What a great choice to choose Rhino Shield for my home.
Jerry F. of Newtown Square, PA
Saturday, June 16th
I am amazed at how this paint job came together. I was sold on the paint, I know Rhino Shield lasts forever, but how the job was done by the crew was more than I expected. The prep work, the repairs, the painting, everything was just as professional and thorough as you could ever want.
Rick G. of Phoenixville, MD
Friday, August 2nd
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