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If you're thinking about repainting your home, the last thing you want to do is invest time and money into a paint job that won't last. Valley Coatings, LLC offers a permanent alternative to traditional house paint. Rhino Shield ceramic coating is warrantied for 25 years against cracking, chipping and peeling, which can save on repainting costs and even lower your energy bills.

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“What a pleasant experience to deal with a truly professional company. Rhino Shield is like no paint company...”

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Donald F. of Mechanicsburg, PA

“Rhino Shield was the perfect solution. The installation was great. When you consider how long it is...”

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Richard W. of Middletown, PA

“Now (with Rhino Shield) we look forward to more time enjoying our house, and not worry about keeping up with...”

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Kelly O. of Oxford, PA

“I did a lot of research on ways to protect the cedar on my home and I kept coming back to Rhino Shield. In...”

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Jim S. of Spring City, PA

“The installer, Alex, did an amazing job.”

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Jerry F. of Newtown Square, PA

“I am amazed at how this paint job came together... The prep work, the repairs, the painting, everything was...”

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Rick G. of Phoenixville, MD

“Big houses come with big maintenance, that is until we found Rhino Shield. Now our house looks great and we...”

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Sally M. of Bryn Mawr, PA

“Awesome! Just Awesome! The house looks so amazing.”

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Jessica L. of Haverford, PA

“We solved the maintenance problem of living in a classic home by calling Rhino Shield. The house looks...”

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Samantha B. of Haverford, PA

How Rhino Shield works

Rhino Shield ceramic coating is a thick polymer base that bonds to the exterior surface and lasts much longer than traditional paint. The waterproof, salt-tolerant coating doesn’t chip, crack or peel, providing much greater longevity and durability. Rhino Shield's ceramic coating can be applied to almost any home’s exterior surface, including wood, stucco, brick, block, vinyl siding, and metal, as well as shingle roofs.

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Benefits of Rhino Shield:

  • Saves money and time - Repainting is costly over time and an inconvenience. Rhino Shield coating saves on repainting costs while lowering your energy bills.
  • Guaranteed to last - Rhino Shield ceramic coating is backed by a written transferable, non-prorated warranty. Our products have been strenuously tested by BASF labs and are proven to last.
  • Environmentally friendly - Avoiding frequent repainting reduces the number of fossil fuels and materials used to manufacture typical latex paint. Rhino Shield products are also non-toxic, low odor, non-flammable, and contain low VOCs.
  • Increases home value - Rhino Shield's transferable warranty is a selling feature, putting future homeowners at ease with a long-lasting house coating and building color.
  • Lowers energy costs - Rhino Shield’s ceramic coatings reflect UV rays away from your home’s exterior, reducing wall surface temperature and saving money over time on cooling costs.
  • Beautifies home - Rhino Shield produces a luxurious and vibrant sheen once applied and, even better, looks great for years. It transforms a building’s exterior and can be tinted to any of 1,500 colors.
  • Protects from the elements - Rhino Shield provides water resistance, resists salt air corrosion, provides high wind tolerance, and helps resist mold, mildew and algae growth.


Rhino Shield is a recognized leader in the premium wall coating industry, providing durable and long-lasting ceramic wall coating products.

Adhesive Primer Sealer (APS)

Rhino Shield's unique Adhesive Primer Sealer (APS) is the cornerstone of their ceramic coating products. It dries to form a sticky water tight membrane which penetrates and becomes part of the substrate. It's designed to revitalize, strengthen and prepare surfaces for the application of our finish coats and roof coatings. APS helps prevent moisture from forming under the finish coat, and solves most stubborn peeling problems. APS can also be used to fill in hairline fissure cracks in walls and is used in conjunction with DFC top coat.

Self Priming Coat (SPC)

Self Priming Coat (SPC) is a highly-breathable ceramic acrylic elastomeric primer that offers waterproofing, high breathability, excellent coverage, and superior adhesion. Formulated with a blend of top-grade resins and ceramic microspheres, SPC offers insulation, and sound proofing benefits. This durable primer is easy to apply and may be tinted to assist with color changes. This is used in conjunction with Protective Finish Coat ceramic top coat.

Red Iron Oxide

Red Iron Oxide primer is designed to prep metal and help encapsulate existing rust. This primer is very high in solids including zinc and red iron oxide pigments. Red Iron Oxide is more environmentally friendly than traditional red iron oxide formulas. Rhino Shield Red Iron Oxide is classified as a water-based, direct-to-metal primer.

Adhesive Stain Blocker (ASB)

This 2-in-1 primer and stain blocker offers higher breathability than our signature Adhesive Primer Sealer. A higher perm rate makes this ideal for many surfaces. As a stain blocking primer, it can eliminate the need and cost of a separate stain blocking product. Rhino Block will block most surface stains and encapsulate surface oil. ASB boasts strong surface adhesion with our signature sticky finish. Unlike most primers that lay on the surface, ASB penetrates and becomes part of the substrate. This tight seal protects against moisture and solves stubborn adhesion issues.

Rhino Rust Bond

Rhino Rust Bond is a two-part epoxy primer designed specifically for rusted metal surfaces. The Rust Bond will seal rust and contains a rust inhibitor to improve corrosion protection. Rhino Rust Bond penetrates and will reinforce and bond heavy rust. This primer requires a top coat.


Rhino Shield is a recognized leader in the premium wall coating industry, providing durable and long-lasting ceramic wall coating products.

Durable Finish Coat (DFC)

Rhino Shield's Durable Finish Coat (DFC) is a 100% acrylic waterborne, latex-based, high-build formula that waterproofs, insulates, soundproofs, beautifies and protects. Comprised of compact, variable sized ceramic microspheres, DFC’s benefits are unmatched. Innovative technology combines elastomeric acrylic resin with urethane resin to result in a waterproofing elastic film that expands and contracts with hot and cold temperatures, but also has good impact resistance and excellent chemical resistance. DFC forms a thick rubber-like ceramic shield of protection that actually becomes part of the substrate when paired with the APS primer due to excellent adhesion and bonding. DFC also offers superior mildew and corrosion resistance, and can be tinted to virtually any color.

Ceramic One Coat (COC)

Ceramic One Coat (COC) is a superior exterior ceramic paint formulated with top grade acrylic resins, ceramic microspheres and high pigment content. COC offers insulation, waterproofing, and excellent coverage. Self-priming COC is designed as a one coat only, thick application, cost effective ceramic alternative. COC is easy to apply, offers a beautiful smooth finish, good weathering, plus superior mildew and algae resistance.

Protective Finish Coat (PFC)

Protective Finish Coat (PFC) combines the great benefits of the original DFC system with greater breathability and higher cold weather flexibility. PFC is an exterior elastomeric acrylic waterproofing ceramic coating. It offers insulation and soundproofing values in a high-breathability formula. PFC is designed for walls and trim, and is applied over the Rhino Shield Self Priming Coat. It provides a uniform, easy to apply finish with excellent durability.

Rhino Clear

Rhino Clear is a clear-coat waterproofing sealer. Rhino Clear protects, waterproofs, and beautifies most surfaces while decreasing the growth of mold, mildew and algae. It is 100% acrylic, designed to penetrate porous surfaces and provide an excellent film formation over non-porous or previously painted surfaces. The high-performance resin and special additives form a clear sealer finish, or clear gloss finish and helps restore the original color of your substrate. Rhino Clear may be tinted to achieve attractive semi-transparent hues. Brown, red and honey are popular color choices for wood substrates to provide a rich stained look.

Rhino Ceramic Enamel

Rhino Shield Enamel is a durable multi-use enamel. It uses acrylic and urethane as the binders and ceramic microsphere solids for a superior product. Rhino Ceramic Enamel offers good resistance to stains, scrubbing, and abrasion. The urethane polymer composition provides excellent resistance to weathering, salt air, chemicals, and corrosion. As a water-based enamel, Rhino Enamel offers the benefits of traditional solvent based enamels but is environmentally friendly with easy application.

Rhino Urethane

Rhino Urethane is a high-gloss, acrylic polyurethane coating. Comprised of high solids, this two-part urethane coating provides superior weathering and high quality color retention. It can be tinted to virtually any color. Rhino Two-Part Urethane is classified as an industrial urethane coating, designed for harsh environments. Additionally, it offers outstanding resistance to acids, stains, and chemicals. Rhino Urethane is a flexible coating that maintains durability with structure movement.


Rhinopoxy is a two-part, waterborne epoxy. Unlike traditional epoxies, this water-based epoxy is eco-friendly, low odor, and easy to apply. Rhinopoxy provides a high-gloss, hard finish that can protect a wide variety of surfaces. Rhinopoxy can be tinted and its benefits include chemical and solvent resistance and excellent hide.

Rhino Ceramic Epoxy

Rhino Ceramic Epoxy is an 80% solid, two-component ceramic epoxy. It provides an extremely hard, seamless, hygienic, and durable surface. The coating is engineered to bond to most any surface, resisting wear and tear from impact and abrasion. Cured Rhino Ceramic Epoxy is highly resistant to a broad range of chemicals including caustics, acids, salts, fuels, and solvents. Rhino Ceramic Epoxy is self leveling and easy to apply. It can be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces and is ideal for water tanks, water pipes and potable water containers.

Rhino Shield is a recognized leader in the premium wall coating industry, providing durable and long-lasting ceramic wall coating products.

Nature’s Cote™ Ceramic Interior Coating

Nature’s Cote™ is a high performance interior ceramic paint. Formulated with ceramic spheres and fillers, Nature’s Cote’s durability is unmatched compared to traditional paints on the market with regards to abrasion resistance. Nature’s Cote’s formula is a water-based, low or zero VOC product that has proven insulating and sound blocking benefits and high stain and dirt resistance. Due to the high ceramic solids and titanium dioxide, Nature’s Cote provides a beautiful finish making your selected color more vibrant and rich.

Nature's Cote can be used a wide variety of surfaces, including plaster, wallboard, drywall, wood, concrete, brick, wallpaper, primer metal and paneling. It's available in 4 different sheens and can be tinted to any color to match any interior decor.

Nature’s Cote™ Rx

Nature’s Cote™ Rx is a silver infused antibacterial paint. It is ideal for most interior paint surfaces and is designed to combat bacteria growth. Formulated with ceramic microspheres and silver, Nature’s Cote Rx is one of the most durable paints on the market and has proven insulation and sound blocking benefits. It has been successfully tested against MRSA and other infectious bacteria. Also available in a zero-VOC formula, this interior paint is water based and environmentally safe. Easy to apply, this paint offers excellent hide, a beautiful finish, and unlimited color options. Nature’s Cote Rx also offers good dirt pick up resistance.

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