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Consider the paint alternative with Valley Coatings, LLC

Latex paint brands have their customers fooled. They promise quality that lasts beyond 5 to 7 years when they know they are just not engineered that way. At Valley Coatings, LLC we do not lie to our customers. We offer our expert services, our long-lasting paint alternatives, but most of all, we offer honesty and integrity.

Our coating has proven quality, in an independent study where our product was rapidly aged, it showed that. We stand by our ceramic coating's quality and back it with a 25-year no cracking, no chipping, no peeling guarantee!

Valley Coatings, LLC is apart of an innovative movement asking you to trade in your weak latex paints for a long-lasting ceramic coating that lasts five times longer than traditional paint.

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A ceramic paint solution in Lemoyne

It is extremely inconvenient and expensive to have worry about your Lemoyne, PA home's paint and appearance so often. The ceramic coating and paint alternative from Valley Coatings, LLC will change all that. With an average paint job costing $2.25 per square foot and up, having to repaint every 5 years will be sure to cost you. 

Our ceramic coating and paint solution will have you:

  • Saving money on paint and upkeep
  • Lowering your energy bills
  • Increasing your home's value
  • Enhancing your home's appearance
  • Better protecting your home

Our industry-leading, the 25-year warranty will only boost confidence in your home's coating, further assuring that you have effectively raised your home's curb appeal and value. Planning to sell your home? No problem. With the ability to transfer our 25-year no chipping, no cracking, no peeling guarantee, your superior warranty will be an effective selling point, as it will be sure to put future home-buyers at ease.

Job Stories From Lemoyne, PA
Master Shield Gutter Installation Protects Home in Lemoyne

This customer gave us a call when their window well washed out and they noticed water flooding through their basement window, down the wall, and onto the hardwood floor.

Not what you want to have happen on a rainy summer afternoon.

Upon inspection of their gutter system, we found most of the gutters completely clogged, in fact, on the day we visited with them the gutters were filled to top with water and it hadn't rained in 7 days.  The customer thought their gutters were protected by a large wire mesh screen that was in place when they bought the house.  This isn't the first time we've met with a customer who thought that cheap home center gutter guards would keep their gutters flowing.  We hear it all the time, often after water gets into the basement or after the damage has been done to the foundation.  Unfortunately, we also hear it from people who are considering Master Shield and decide to sacrifice quality to save a little money.  No one ever installs cheap gutter guards twice, but it's a shame many people do it once to learn that they don't work.

We started with the cleaning and that was no small task.  Pounds and pounds of debris were removed from the gutters and bagged up for disposal.  Then the downspouts were removed and cleaned, and finally, the whole system was flushed.  We then checked the pitch of the gutters and found several low spots from the original installation.  We repitched the gutters properly and finally, installed Master Shield.

Now this customer's home is safe from water damage due to clogged gutters thanks to Master Shield.

Master Shield Gutter Installation Protects Home in Lemoyne - Photo 1Master Shield Gutter Installation Protects Home in Lemoyne - Photo 2Master Shield Gutter Installation Protects Home in Lemoyne - Photo 3Master Shield Gutter Installation Protects Home in Lemoyne - Photo 4Master Shield Gutter Installation Protects Home in Lemoyne - Photo 5
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