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Office Complex Permanently Painted in Warminster, PA

Office Complex Permanently Painted in Warminster, PA

Before After
Office Complex Permanently Painted in Warminster, PA Office Complex Permanently Painted in Warminster, PA

The owners of this office complex were in need a major restoration and repainting so they choose Rhino Shield.  Now painting is a thing of the past for them as Rhino Shield permanent painting guarantees each job for 25 years.

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Consider the paint alternative with Valley Coatings, LLC

Latex paint brands have their customers fooled. They promise quality that lasts beyond 5 to 7 years when they know they are just not engineered that way. At Valley Coatings, LLC we don't lie to our customers. We offer our expert service, long-lasting paint alternatives, and most importantly, we offer honesty and integrity.

Our coating has proven it's quality; In an independent study where our product was rapidly aged, it showed that Rhino Shield was age-resistant, weather and damage resistant. We stand by our ceramic coating's quality and back it with a 25-year no cracking, chipping, or peeling guarantee!

Valley Coatings, LLC is part of an innovative movement asking you to trade in traditional, weak latex paints for a long-lasting ceramic coating that lasts five times longer than traditional paint. Rhino Shield is the number one name in paint alternatives, as we are the leading manufacturer and distributor of ceramic coating and paint products that are guaranteed to last a lifetime!

A ceramic paint solution in Richboro

It is extremely inconvenient and expensive to have worry about your Richboro, PA home's paint and appearance so often. The ceramic coating and paint alternative from Valley Coatings, LLC will change all that. With an average paint job costing $2.25 per square foot and up, having to repaint every 5 years will be sure to cost you. 

Our ceramic coating and paint solution will have you:

  • Saving money on paint and upkeep
  • Lowering your energy bills
  • Increasing your home's value
  • Enhancing your home's appearance
  • Better protecting your home

Our industry-leading, 25-year warranty will only boost confidence in your home's exterior coating, further assuring that you have effectively raised your home's curb appeal and value. Planning to sell your home? No problem. With the ability to transfer our 25-year no chipping, cracking, or peeling guarantee, your superior warranty will be an effective selling point, as it will be sure to put future home-buyers at ease.

Gutter replacement, installation, & gutter guards in Richboro, PA 

Are your gutters no longer functioning properly? Don’t wait to replace them! Ineffective, leaky, improperly installed, or clogged gutters can lead to water damage in your home.

Here at Valley Coatings, LLC we offer comprehensive gutter installation and replacement services so you don’t have to worry about water damage. Our expert team can help you choose what kind of gutters would be most effective for your home, considering your roof’s design, and see them installed. We work with a variety of gutter types including aluminum gutters and copper gutters. We also offer quality gutter guards from MasterShield® to make gutter cleaning a thing of the past.

Why MasterShield® gutter guards?

  • Self Maintaining: Most gutter guards will eventually become clogged. However, MasterShield® gutter guards avoid this issue by the use of a multi-patented, self-cleaning microfilter. This means they are maintenance free.
  • Resistant to heavy rainfall: Heavy rainfall is a problem for not just gutter guards, but also gutters in general as it overwhelms them with too much water all at once. However, MasterShield® gutter guards use  HydroVortex™ technology to prevent this.
  • Won’t trap debris: Ordinary gutter guards sometimes become nesting places for bees and birds, and almost all will have issues with wet debris sticking to them. MasterShield® gutter guards have a Leaf Release™ surface which prevents both of these problems.

Do you need a new gutter installed, an old one replaced, or MasterShield® gutter guards to keep your gutters protected and maintenance free? Valley Coatings, LLC’s expert team can help you with all of these issues. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate!

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Vicinity of Temple Drive in Richboro
Painting exterior aluminum siding for a traditional colonial home.